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Ceremonial Formalities

1. Convocation is an official ceremony and everyone involved is required to observe all stipulated rules and regulations so that the ceremony may run smoothly. Kindly send an email to the convocation secretariat at secretariat_convo@iic.edu.my for any inquiry or problem.
2. Time/ Gathering Area
Graduands are required to gather at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC), IIUM before 7:30a.m.
Kindly observe the directives given by the convocation secretariat on duty that requires graduands to line up when entering the Hall.
3. Academic Robe
Graduands are required to wear academic robe which comprises the following:-
Academic robe should be neat and ironed. Kindly refer to the video "How To Wear IIC Convocation Robe" for the tutorial of wearing the academic robe.
4. Graduation attire for male graduands
Black coloured Baju Melayu with Sampin Songket, or;
Black coloured Lounge Suit, and;
Dark coloured leather shoes
5. Graduation attire for female graduands
Malaysian National Attire, or;
Formal dress, and;
  Any plain coloured Tudung (no pattern allowed) and
Set your hair neatly (for non-Muslim), and;
Dark coloured fully-covered shoes (Heels NOT more than 1.5 inches)
6. Graduation attire for male guests
Lounge suit
Long sleeve and tie
Dark coloured long pants
Dark coloured leather shoes
7. Graduation attire for female guest
Formal dress
Fully-covered shoes
Those wearing tudung, please wear them neatly
Those with long hair, tie your hair neatly/ tie it in a bun
8. Prohibited Clothing
Sports Shoes/ Sandal
Short Sleeved Dress
Inappropriate clothing (Eg. Semi-transparent dress)
Skirt with slit
Turban headscarf
Royal colours (purple & yellow)
9. Rules in the Hall
Graduands and guests are discouraged to going out of the hall while the convocation ceremony is in session.
Graduates and guests who leave the hall during the convocation ceremony will not be allowed to re-enter the hall.
Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to enter the hall during the convocation ceremony.
Graduands and guests are prohibited to take any videos or photographs during the convocation ceremony.
Graduands and guests are required to switched off the mobile devices or put in silent mode until the end of the convocation ceremony.
Guests are not allowed to enter the hall if they do not adhere to the dress code as per required.
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