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Convocation Ceremony Procedure

1. Graduands are advised to check their convocation session according to your programme (if required).

2. Please bring along your queue card during the assembly.

3. The assembly and procession schedule is as follows:-

Assembly at IIUM Cultural Centre (ICC) Hall
Morning Session : 7:30a.m *

Procession enter the Main Hall
Morning Session : 8:00a.m *
* subject to change. Please refer to the IIC's website, Facebook account for any updated information.

4. Please queue up and follow the instruction given during the assembly.


a) Please come early to avoid traffic jams and parking problems.
b) Please have your breakfast/meal before the convocation session.
c) Please ensure that you are in the proper academic attire before joining the procession to the ICC Hall.

a) Graduands are not allowed to bring cameras, flower bouquets, food, hand bags etc into the convocation hall.
b) Graduands are not allowed to move about in the convocation hall during the ceremony.
c) Graduands are advised to use the restroom before the ceremony to minimize disruption during the ceremony.

Kindly send an email to the convocation secretariat at secretariat_convo@iic.edu.my for any inquiry or problem.
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