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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Q1 Will IIC send a letter to graduands to inform them about the convocation?
A1 Yes, but the information regarding the convocation will be uploaded on the IIC's website and FB account (IIC Convocation Ceremony). Hence, all graduands are advised to view the IIC website regularly to obtain the latest information regarding the convocation.
Q2 I am eligible to attend the 11th Convocation Ceremony and would like to attend. I have also paid the Convocation Fees. Nevertheless, I have received a letter from Lembaga Tabung Haji informing me that I have been given a place to perform the Hajj this year. Can I postpone my attendance to the next convocation ceremony?
A2 Graduands can postpone their attendance to the next convocation ceremony on the condition that they have a valid reason. Application to postpone can be made in writing to the Academic Affairs Division as soon as possible.
Q3 Can I buy the academic robe?
A3 No. The academic robe is strictly for rental service.
Q4 I wish to invite my husband and parents into the hall to attend my convocation. Can I request for one (1) additional guest?
A4 Yes. Additional guest is allowed with a payment of RM50 per guest (max: 2 guests) and it is based on the first come first serve basis. The request can be made through e-mail: secretariat_convo@iic.edu.my by 10th September 2018.
Q5 My house was affected by floods and as a result, both my scroll and transcript were torn and damaged. Can I request for a replacement?
A5 Application to replace damaged transcripts and academic scroll can be made to the Academic Affairs Division.
Q6 I am a physically-disabled graduand and intend to attend the coming convocation. Who should I contact to inform of my special needs?
A6 For graduands who require special assistance – wheelchair bound, visually impaired, injured or the like, kindly call the Convocation Unit via e-mail: secretariat_convo@iic.edu.my.
Q7 One of my guests is physically-disabled. Will IIC provide special facilities so that he/she can be seated in the Hall?
A7 Yes. If a guest requires special attention including those who are on wheelchair or sickly, graduands may request for assistance from the convocation secretariat. Special seats will be allocated for the comfort of such guests.
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