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Returning of Academic Robe

1. Returning of academic robes has been scheduled as follows:-

Date * Day Time Venue
29th September 2018 Saturday 1:00p.m - 3:00p.m Ticketing Counter, ICC, IIUM
1st October 2018
4th October 2018
Monday - Thursday 9:00a.m - 4:00p.m
Break: 1:00p.m - 2:00p.m
IIC Main Hall
4th October 2018
and onwards
Monday - Thursday 8:30a.m - 5:30p.m
Break: 1:00p.m - 2:00p.m
Students Affairs Division, Level 3
* Subject to changed. Please refer to IIC website, FB, and IIConvo for any updated information.

2. Please bring the following documents:-
a) MyKad / Passport
b) Collection of scroll form (download from IIC Website, URL: http://www.iic.edu.my/10th_convocation.php)
Reminder: This form MUST be stamped and recommended by Finance Division personnel before the collection of scroll.

3. Brief procedure for the returning of academic robe:-
a) Produce your MyKad / Passport for information verification
b) Return the academic robe
c) Convocation secretariat (i.e. robes bureau) will stamp on the collection of the scroll form

4. Return of Academic Robe through a representative:-
a) Representative is required to bring a photocopy of the graduand MyKad / Passport.

1. The penalty for late return will start on 9th Ocotber 2018 which is RM20 per day starting on the 6th working day.

2. ACAD will notify Finance Division on the total penalty to be charged based on the number of day(s) late.

3. Graduand is required to pay the penalty fee at the payment counter after returning academic robe.

4. Failure of paying the penalty will result to the suspension of graduand academic scroll.

5. Failure to return the academic robe by 7th November 2018 will be considered as "LOST" and the graduand is required to pay
    RM500 for penalty charging which cover the manufacturing cost for the academic robe.

6. The penalty for any damage on the academic robe, hood & mortarboard will be charged RM350, RM50, & RM100 respectively.

7. Finance Division will charge the penalty onto the graduand's account.

Kindly send an email to the convocation secretariat at secretariat_convo@iic.edu.my for any inquiry or problem.
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