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Counseling and Career Guidance Department (CCGD) is one of the departments under Student Affairs and Development Division (STADD). There are four appointed counselors are willing to help students by listening to their personal problems, guiding for the right direction and decision as well as shoulders to cry on. CCGD also organized a lot of programs for students, lecturers and counselors such as motivational talk, training session, workshop, intensive course and others.

To be the centre of high class Islamic Counseling & Career Guidance Department that produce progressive, competitive and dynamic professional in term of mental, emotional & physical.

To assist positive personality and academic development by offering friendly service through counseling and guidance approaches.

Counseling for Life

CCGD Services Provided
    - Individual Counseling
    - Group Counseling

Counseling Clinic (psychological testing/assessment)
    - Colour Personality Inventory
    - Sidek's Personality Inventory
    - The Liking & Loving Scale
    - Self Directed Search
    - The Tennessee Self Concept Scale
    - Junior Eysenck Personality Inventory
    - Mooney Problem Checklist
    - Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale
    - The VARK Questionnaire

Self Development Program
    - Peer Guidance Club
    - Motivational Talk/Training
    - Drug Prevention Education
    - CCGD Bulletin/Article
    - Study Tour/visit
    - Counselor's Training

Career Development Program
    - Career Counseling
    - Career Talk
    - Job Fair
    - Mock Interview

Feel free to drop by at IIC counseling room or STADD and get know your counselors. The following is a list of counselors and their respective offices:-
Counselors Designation & Office Ext E-Mail
Husamuddin Bin Hasbullah K.B.P.A. Mal Chief Counselor, STADD, Level 3 226 husamuddin@iic.edu.my
Nur Izzati Binti Mohd Ishak K.B.P.A. Mal Counselor, STADD, Level 3 256 nurizzati@iic.edu.my
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