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       Diploma in Risk Management

Diploma in Risk Management purports to produce graduate with the competitive knowledge, principles and skills in terms of theoretical and practical foundation for a career in risk management. This programme provides students with high-quality teaching and learning experiences that are relevant to risk management careers, develop course-specific knowledge and understanding appropriate to careers in risk management, including the essentials of understanding risk management, the study of organizations, their management and the changing environment in which they operate by developing the capacity for critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis, through encouraging creativity and developing appropriate research, communication and quantitative skills and applying the knowledge to a wide range of situations.

A student has to acquire 92 credit hours to complete this programme.
1. Pass SPM/SPMV, with minimum Three (3) credits, OR
2. Pass O level, with at least Grade C in Three(3) subjects, OR
3. A pass in related IIC Certificate; OR
4. Any other qualifications recognized as equivalent to any of the above.
1 Malaysian Studies 2 ( for Local Student)
2 Bahasa Malaysia Komunikasi 1(for International Student)
3 Bahasa Kebangsaan A (For those without Credit in Bahasa Melayu at SPM Level)
4 Presentation Skills, or Process Writing
5 Political Science, or Human Relations
6 Ibadah Camp (for Muslim Students)
7 Intercultural Program (for non Muslim Student)
8 Intermediate English I
9 Intermediate English II
10 Advanced English I
11 Advanced English II
12 Business Communication
13 Computer Application
14 Business Mathematics
15 Principles & Practice of Management
16 Principles of Accounting
17 Human Resource Management
18 Business Statistics
19 Introduction to Finance
20 Organizational Behaviour
21 Introduction to Public Relation
22 Basic Skills and Techniques In Counseling
23 Principles of Investment
24 Introduction to Law
25 Introduction to Risk Management
26 Critical Thinking Skills
27 Commercial Law
28 Management Information System
29 Introduction to Security Management
30 Crisis Management
31 Operational Risk Management
32 Environmental Risk Management
33 Ethics in Daily Life
34 Concept of Islamic Belief
35 Biography of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W
36 Islamic 'Ibadah
37 Islam and Psychology
38 Introduction to Mandarin Language
Graduates with good academic results may further their studies at any local or foreign institution of higher learning such as Bachelor in Risk Management (Hons) (Local/Foreign Universities).
Upon completion of this programme, graduates are able to position themselves in finance and banking industry, insurance and takaful, law firm, financial analyst, and remiser.
Local Student

International Student

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Intake Semester
April, July and December.

English Preparatory Classes
The English Preparatory Classes (EPC) is the ice-breaking class to prepare students for the upcoming official semester. It is also a platform for students to have an early exposure of English language and it equips students with basic knowledge of four skills which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the session, the students will experience a professional and formal learning environment and develop their self-esteem through the activities conducted by the respective educators and the college as a whole. Exhibitions and presentations are the platforms for students to enhance their academic skills, particularly for their public interaction, as those are the keys to success in various skills. These activities enrich students' confidence level to use English in their communication in the future undertaking.

Supported by a team of qualified and experienced educators in IIC, the EPC classes are committed in producing graduates who are well-equipped not only with language disclosure, but also with relevant soft skills and life-long learning competencies to excel in today's competitive environment. Durations of the studies vary according to the intakes ranging from 2 weeks to 9 (nine) weeks. The fee is RM15 per week and the total contact hours per week is 12 (twelve) per week. Classes will be conducted from Monday to Thursday with 3 (three) contact hours per day.

'To acquire knowledge, one must study, but to acquire wisdom, one must observe' ~ Marilyn vos Savant~

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