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It has been always been the aim of the college to produce competitive Muslim professionals. The college believes that anyone, if given proper chance and opportunity, is able to become a valuable asset of the country and the Muslim ummah as a whole.

Therefore, the college has initiated various steps to achieve the purpose, taking into account every aspect as possible, from scrutinizing the syllabus of the courses offered, ensuring good lecturers organizing activities and taking care off the students welfare.

However, it is worrying to see some of the students, though in their final years of studies, fail to exhibit the Islamic qualities that the college has been hoping. Realizing this, the college feels that it is a need to give specific attention on improving basic Islamic obligations via the IIC Ibadah Camp.

This camp will be joined by the final year students with the aim to "reset" their minds. It is the hope that they will understand that graduating from this college bears more responsibility for themselves, the nation and the religion.

Furthermore, this subject is very important for all final year students in order for them to graduate. Those who fail to attend; they will not be graduated from this college. We hope that everybody will give a full support in order to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

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