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Rules & Regulations
To have access to the Library, a user has to always present a valid student or staff card.
Users must be formally and decently attired as defined in the International Islamic College Dress Code. Round Neck t-shirts, caps or slippers strictly prohibited.
No food or drink is permitted in the Library.
Unauthorized person is NOT permitted to alter the arrangement of books, and other stored materials, furniture, fittings or equipment.
Noise or disturbance is not permitted anywhere in the Library and those using reading areas are required to refrain from conversation and other activities which are likely to disturb other users.
Eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, using personal stereo or mobile phones, shouting, and playing are strictly prohibited.
Bags, helmets, umbrellas and packages except for handbags and files are not permitted to be brought in to the library.
All users leaving the library must show all library materials in possession to the library staff at the exit point upon request.
Library officers have the authority to bar any person from using the library facilities for any infringement of the Library Policies, Rules and Regulations.
All activities in the library are monitored with Close Circuit TV (CCTV). Any thievery will be recorded through the CCTV.

Audio/Video Policy
The Library Department also providing a TV Room to view TV Channel, DVD and VCD. Maximum seating capacities is 40.
Available booking hours are as follow:-
Monday - Friday Staffs/Lecturer Viewing 9:.00a.m - 10:00a.m
Public Viewing 10:00a.m - 1:00p.m
Break 1:00p.m - 2:00p.m
Staffs/Lecturer Viewing 2:00p.m - 5:30p.m
Students Viewing 5:30p.m - 7:30p.m
2nd & 4th Saturday Staff / Students 10:00a.m - 2:00p.m
Maximum viewing period is 2 hours.
Staff and lecturers are required to book a TV Room 3 days before the date of viewing.
Students are allowed to use the TV Room from 5.30pm -7.30pm (Monday - Friday).
Minimum number of 10 students are required if they intend to use the TV Room facility.
Students have to submit the CD/DVD to the library officer for approval before the date/time of viewing.
Please approach our team members for further details.

Internet Service Policy
This facility is open for International Islamic College community members only.
The computer workstations are available to all users during the Library operating hours.
User needs to present a valid Matric Card. Upon using the service, user needs to leave the Matric Card at the Circulation Counter.
User can book to use the facility for the current day only. Booking for any certain date and time is highly prohibited.
Users are NOT allowed to book for other users.
The Personal Computers (PCs) are installed with necessary software such as Office application and Adobe Acrobat Reader for academic purpose only.
Strictly NO chatting or surfing pornography site. Once caught, you will be banned from using this facility and further actions will be taken.
User is NOT allowed to save data into the computer hard disk, thus you need to have your own external memory i.e. thumb drive.
One PC can be used for one person only at one time.
Maximum time of usage is 1 (one) hour only. However, if the next slot is empty, user can extend the usage time by informing the library staff and write the name at the provided sheet/log book.
User will be responsible to any damage of computer used.
The Librarian may amend the Internet Service Policy from time to time.

Discussion Room Policy
The Room is opened to all users, when no reservation is made.
Reservation should be made through circulation counter.
A minimum of 3 people should show up in using discussion room.
Users can reserve the room at a maximum of 1 hour a time. Extension could be made if no reservation follows.
Extension should be made half an hour before the end of current reservation.
Door should be kept closed.
Eating, drinking, smoking, sleeping, using pagers and mobile phones, shouting, and playing are strictly prohibited.
Library officers have the authority to bar any person from using the library facilities for any infringement of the Library Policies, Rules and Regulations.

Loan Rules & Regulations
No person shall be permitted to borrow any book or item of library property until it has been issued to him by a member of the library staff.
Borrowers need to produce their Matric Card when they want to borrow the materials.
Borrowers are not permitted to borrow on behalf of other members.
Borrowers are not permitted to allow third party to return book(s) on behalf of the member to the Library.
All members of the library must return books to the library immediately upon receiving a written notification from the library. However, books may be renewed EXCEPT red-spot books or books that have been reserved by other users.
Borrowers to whom books have been issued will be held responsible for any mutilation or disfigurement that may occur to books on loan to them and will be required to pay the cost of replacing such books.
Fine on overdue books RM0.50 per day per book will be charged for all members of the library who fail to return books or other items within the stipulated time.
Names of borrowers who fail to return loan books will be displayed on the notice board as a first reminder. For the second reminder, their photographs will be displayed as well. For the third reminder, their names will be sent to the Academic Department and Students' Finance Department for action.
Borrowers must report lost books immediately to the circulation counter. As such, borrowers are liable to pay overdue fines, calculated from the rate due to the date when books are reported lost, provided the book is paid within 30 days. Otherwise the fine will be continued if no action has been taken.
Borrowers who lose the library books will be required to pay for a new book plus RM30.00 for processing charges or pay twice the price of the book.
Members caught for mutilating and committing theft of library materials will be sent to the disciplinary board.
The Librarian may amend the library rules and regulations as and when necessary.

Borrowing/Reference Privileges by Type of Membership
Category of members Open Shelf Collection Red Spot

Yellow Spot Collection

Current periodicals Back issues periodicals
Permanent Staff (with valid staff card) 5 items for 4 weeks Reference only Reference only Reference only Reference only

Part Time Staff

Reference only Reference only Reference only Reference only Reference only
(with valid matric card)
4 items for 2 weeks Reference only Reference only Reference only Reference only
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