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Malaysian University English Test (MUET) is a test that measures achievement and communication skills in English Language among the pre-university and diploma students and since 2003, IIC has become one of the respective MUET centre in Malaysia.

MUET Registration
For registration purpose, please consult with Head of Programme, MUET and Intensive English Programme, Centre for Languages (CEL) before applying for the examination. All IIC candidates are required to fill in Registration Form and please make sure that all documents needed were well prepared and submit with the Registration Form before the closing date. Incomplete Registration Form and failure to provide the documents needed for the registration process will not be entertained.

Registration Fee
Pay the registration fee at the Finance Counter. Keep the receipt for future reference. The RM125 registration fees are for MPM fees (RM100), Pin No. (RM1), and processing fee (RM24).

Exam Slip (MUET/D)
Before the exam, please remember to print a MUET/D slip from Bring along the slip during the examination day.

Venues for Exam
Details of venues will be posted at notice boards.

The Components of MUET
There are four components (Speaking Test and Written Test) in MUET's papers. Students need to complete this entire exam in order to get a result:-
1) Paper 1 : Listening (800/1) - (45 scores)
2) Paper 2 : Speaking (800/2) - (45 scores)
3) Paper 3 : Reading (800/3) - (120 scores)
4) Paper 4 : Writing (800/4) - (90 scores)

MUET Classes
MUET classes are managed by CEL. The classes are on semester basis. The tuition fee for MUET classes is RM250 (per-level). To register for MUET classes, please consult with the Head of Programme, MUET and Intensive English Programme, Centre for Languages (CEL) or please refer to the link. Payment is to be made at the Finance Counter.

MUET Exam Session

MUET's Grade
MUET's scores (maximum 300) are graded into six bands. Band 1 is the lowest and Band 6 is the highest:-
Band 1 Extremely limited user (Below 100) Poor command of the language. Unable to use language to express ideas: inaccurate use of the language resulting in frequent breakdowns in communication. Little or poor understanding of language and contexts. Hardly able to function in the language.
Band 2 Limited user (Aggregated score: 101-139) Limited command of the language. Lacks expressiveness, fluency and appropriacy: inaccurate use of the language resulting in breakdown in communication. Limited understanding of language and contexts. Limited ability to function in the language.
Band 3 Modest user (Aggregated score: 140-179) Modest command of the language. Modestly expressive and fluent, appropriate language but with noticeable inaccuracies. Modest understanding of language and contexts. Able to function modestly in the language.
Band 4 Competent user (Aggregated score: 180-219) Satisfactory command of the language. Satisfactory expressive and fluent, appropriate language but with occasional inaccuracies. Satisfactory understanding of language and contexts. Functions satisfactorily in the language.
Band 5 Good user (Aggregated score: 220-259) Good command of the language. Expressive, fluent, accurate and appropriate language but with minor inaccuracies. Good understanding of language and contexts. Functions well in the language.
Band 6 Very good user (Aggregated score: 260-300) Very good command of the language. Highly expressive, fluent, accurate and appropriate language: hardly any inaccuracies. Very good understanding of language and contexts. Functions extremely well in the language.

Frequently Q & A about MUET
1) What is MUET?
MUET is The Malaysian University English Test. It is an English language proficiency test designed to measure the English language ability of students who wish to pursue first degree studies in local institutions of higher learning.

2) Why must I take MUET?
MUET is an entry requirement to local universities for Bachelor Degree studies. Students are advice to have MUET results before applying for any Bachelor Programme in any public and private university in Malaysia.

3) When is the MUET exam?
Three times a year - March, July, and November. Students have the freedom to choose at what time of the year that they want to take the test.

4) What is the requirement to take MUET exam?
No specific requirement. However for IIC students, completing Advanced English 1 is a must.

5) I have failed my English paper in SPM. Can I take MUET?

6) Can I pay MUET automatically using my PTPTN?
No. Please pay manually at the Finance Counter. IIC is not allowed to deduct fee for MUET from PTPTN loan.

7) Is IIC a recognized MUET centre?
Yes. International Islamic College is a centre for MUET exam (code MW126 and MW127) under the Education Department of Wilayah Persekutuan (JPNWP).

8) Are MUET classes compulsory?
No. However it is advisable to take MUET classes so that you can get good band.

9) How MUET is graded?
MUET's scores (maximum 300) are graded into six categories called Band. Band 1 is the lowest and Band 6 is the highest.

10) What Band in needed to apply for a university?
It depends on the university or courses applied in a university. Most local universities need a Band 3 as a minimum requirement. International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) need Band 3.

11) I am a Malaysian but I don't want to take MUET. Can I take TOEFL or IELTS instead?
Yes. However, local universities still need a MUET result as an entry requirement for a first degree studies.

12) I already graduated from IIC. Can I register my MUET exam at IIC?
No. Student who has graduated from IIC or non-IIC students has to register via MPM.

13) I have registered MUET in IIC. How can I check my registration status?
Students who had registered with IIC can check their MUET status through SMS by typing MUET INFO<space>IC NO and send to 15888.

14) What is a MUET/D slip?
It is an examination slip (slip peperiksaan). It contains personal details and other important details which is important for the examination. MUET/D is a must during exam day. Please make sure that the details in the slip are correct.

15) Where can I get the MUET/D slip?
You need to print the slip from Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia (MPM) Portal Website

16) How long is the validity of my MUET result?
Your MUET result is valid for five (5) years from the date of the result.

17) How can I check the result of my MUET's exam?
You can check the result in, or SMS using your phone by typing MUET RESULT<space>IC Number and send to 15888.

18) How to get my MUET result slip?
When the result comes out, MPM will remind IIC to collect the result slip at JPNWP. After collected the result from JPNWP, students can retrieve their result certificate from Centre for Languages (CEL).

19) I did not satisfy with my MUET result. Can I have a recheck?
Yes. Please apply to MPM. Go to and print an appeal form. The dateline for the appeal for recheck is two weeks after MPM announce the result.

20) Do I have to pay for the recheck?
Yes. MPM will charge RM70 for a recheck. All payment made should be under the name of KETUA EKSEKUTIF MAJLIS PEPERIKSAAN MALAYSIA. All payment should be made by money order or postal order.

21) There are four exams in MUET. Can I skip any one of the exam?
No. It is a compulsory requirement to attend all four exams. If one of the paper is not seated by the candidate, the ˜X' mark will appear in the Result Certificate in which there will be no calculation on the marks and result.
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