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To encourage the students to participate in co-curriculum activities.
To build a student to be a good future leader.
To organize and conduct student development programs.
To provide training and expose the students to the IIC's procedures and policy in conducting events.
To coordinate, advise and monitor the student's programs.
To give better services to the students in term of the accommodations and transportations.

Student Activities
New students will be assisted by Student Activities and Accommodation Department (STADD) to develop specialized skills, such as leadership, decision making, communications, goal setting, organizational and time management skills. All essential skills, necessary in making you better equipped to survive the challenges in the corporate world.
The Student Activities main function is to encourage all student societies to organize various programs. This unit will also assist in:-
Activity procedures and policies.
Preparing working papers, proposals and budgets.
Letter writing.
Protocol and communications.

Student Clubs & Societies
All clubs and societies are registered with STADD which are consistent with the goals and standards of the College. This means that clubs and societies are to abide all College and division policies and procedures. The student clubs and societies are categorized as follows:-
Academic & Professional Clubs & Societies
Accounting Club
Information Technology Club
Sekretariat Rakan Muda
Diploma in Contemporary Islamic Sciences Society (DCISS)
Theater Club
CEO List Club
Caliph Youth Society (CYS)
Early Childhood Student Association (ECSA)
Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI)
Management & Secretaryship Club (M&S Club)
Gabungan Pelajar Melayu Semenanjung (GPMS)
Islamic Music Art Club (IMAC)
Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance Apprentice Society Sports Club
Sports Club
Sunnah Sports Centre
IIC Futsal Sport Club (IFSC)
i-Netball Club
Badminton Club
However, students are greatly encouraged to seek alternative means of funding their activities or functions. The approval from the DCEO of STADD is necessary in this instance.

All student clubs and societies must elect exco members. The societies are required to present their annual plan of activities as soon as the new office-bearers are elected. In this respect, the SRC is expected to conduct a meeting with other associations to coordinate the planning and implementation of the activities. STADD will then call a meeting with the SRC and Presidents and Secretaries of the other student clubs and societies to monitor the progress of the activities, furnish the services required and later assist the student clubs and associations in the management of their activities.

Formation Of Clubs & Societies
Students are allowed to form any types of clubs and societies, except those based on religion and states. Procedures in clubs and societies formation are as follows:-
An ad-hoc committee must be formed.
The club or society can only be formed with at least 20 members.
A concept paper has to be submitted to the Manager of STADD. The paper should consist of:-
- Introduction
- Rationale
- Objective
- Structure
- Scope of activities
- Membership
- Advisory
The paper will be presented to the DCEO of STADD. Representatives from the ad-hoc committee will be called upon to present the paper. A decision will be made not later than two weeks after the paper has been submitted. Upon receiving approval, the ad-hoc committee has to hold a General Meeting not later than two weeks after the approval to elect the committee members properly.

Club and societies have to submit annual plan activities for the coming year upon notification from STADD. The activity-planning chart will be useful in order to:-
- avoid clashes in dates of activities;
- avoid clashes in venues of activities; and / or
- avoid clashes in nature of activities.

Appointing Advisors
Student clubs and societies are required to arrange with STADD in the appointment of advisors for their respective clubs and societies. Clubs and societies should have at least one advisor. Any executive staff, except those under the STADD, is qualified to be advisors to any clubs and societies. The number of advisors for each club and society will depend on the needs of the respective clubs and societies.
The function of the advisor is to:-
Advise clubs and societies on administrative issues.
Advise clubs and societies in planning and organizing activities.
Recommend activities proposed by the club or society to the Manager of STADD.
Accompany and be responsible of the members safety during any outdoor activities.
Solve problems faced by the club or society, whenever possible.

Student Activities Department, Student Affairs & Development Division,
International Islamic College,
Level 3, No.1, Jalan 31/10A,
Taman Batu Muda,
68100, Kuala Lumpur,

Phone: 03-6187 6900
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